To schedule an appointment
A $100 deposit is required to hold the future appointment date and is used towards the final price of the tattoo. Appointment cancelations less than 72 hours notice will not be refunded. All deposits that are to be refunded will have 10% fee applied. If an appointment is canceled after a design drawing has been received, the deposit is considered the fee for receiving the design. The deposit is for the design agreed upon, if substantial changes are made to the original design that require a date change, an additional drawing fee will be added to cover the extra time needed to complete the design. If a client is more than 30 minutes late to their appointment without notification, a new appointment will be required as well as a new deposit.
The minimum fee for a tattoo is $100.

My current hourly rates are:
$200 per hour for all custom designed tattoos. This rate includes all time spent pre tattoo researching and designing.
$150 for any design not needing drawing or research time( ie pre drawn flash designs).
Touch ups to your tattoo are free of charge within the first two months of your tattoo appointment. Any design additions, color correction or rework of the tattoo is considered additional design work and is subject to the hourly rate described above.

When requesting a design please include the following information:
1. Description of your design idea
2. Size of the design
3. Placement of the design on your body
4. Will it be in color or black and gray
5. Attach reference images to your email
* without the above information included in your email I will not be able to determine how long you would need for an appointment.
Please email me your design request by clicking Here

Once I have reviewed your design request with all the information stated above I will send a return email with a link for you to choose an appointment date and leave a deposit. Due to the volume of requests email responses may take 1-2 weeks, please be patient as it takes time to read through and respond. If I feel I may not be the right artist for your request, I will refer you to another artist I feel may be best suited for the design.
Thank you