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As of October 1 I will be joining the ladies of Stable Studio in Bolton Ct. After 16 years of co owning and tattooing at Lovecraft Tattoo in Hamden I have decided its time to make some changes that will allow more time for creative endeavors. For appointment information please call the Stable studio or contact me via email on my contact page.

Events and Projects:

I have been had the pleasure of meeting and working with breast cancer survivors. Not only at Stable Studio Tattoo but on my off days I have tattooed out of the office Mark Melendez MD at Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates of Connecticut. I look forward to meeting some incredible women and learning their story as well as being inspired by their strength.

Art for Sale! I have created a Society6 web page. It is a great place to buy prints of my art work in many different forms from t-shirts to tote bags a wide variety of merchandise and artist prints are available for sale. Go to

Dana Melissa Dixon of Ladies and Ink has created a book of female tattoo artists and I have the honor of being part of it. Check out the web site!
For more interviews check out the blog
Can't wait to see it!!

My long time client and friend, Tony Ferraiolo, has been filmed for a documentary called," A Self Made Man". It is a Film about being Transgender and his work and life as an Activist and Trans Youth Advocate. Having tattooed him for close to 10 years now, I have come to know his story and was delighted to have been a part of this documentary. Below is a link to the website page for the documentary.